An efficient and practical kitchen has ample storage for food supplies, silverware, baking utensils, dinner plates, cups, glasses, cutlery, pots, and pans. Organizing all these items may sound tricky and daunting. If it’s time to rethink your kitchen layout, consider these kitchen cabinet storage ideas to have enough counter space for your everyday use.


Kitchen Cabinet Storage Ideas

1 – Add glass shelving to your kitchen’s backsplash.

If you’re entertaining family and guests with wine on a monthly basis, a smooth and efficient wine glass storage fix is to add glass shelving to your kitchen’s backsplash. You can add these glass shelvings on an awkward corner or above the sink if there are no windows. Wine glass and the shelf itself is made of transparent glass; it creates a subtle to nearly invisible look that wouldn’t affect your kitchen’s aesthetic.

2 – Consider adding a plate rack on your kitchen island or to the wall.

If you’re a family with older kids or teenagers and want to create an organized space for your dinner plates, you can consider adding a plate rack under your kitchen island counter. Are you low on kitchen floor space? You can install a shelf against the wall to save space. A plate rack is a good kitchen storage idea that creates a sense of openness and a streamlined look that works perfectly on contemporary and cottage-style kitchens.

3 – Utilize space above the windows with custom shelving or cabinetry.

Among the firm recommendations for kitchen cabinet storage ideas for small kitchen, spaces is to build custom cabinetry or shelving above the windows. Even though it sounds unconventional, it has proven to be very useful.

4 – Use a lazy susan for awkward corner spaces.

A corner kitchen cabinet is not only hard to access but also takes up unused space. An excellent solution to an awkward area is to add a lazy susan. You can store your pots, pans, baking utensils or any item or cooking electronics that you seldom use.

Above are few out of the many kitchen cabinet storage ideas you can incorporate into your current layout for an organized and space-saving kitchen. If you’re looking for a local woodworker to help you on your next kitchen renovation project, please send us a message through our web form.

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